Fishing vessel examiners have seen hundreds of fishing vessels from the inside out and are experienced in finding common deficiencies in safety orientations, instructions, drills and safety equipment. In addition, many on this panel are safety trainers and have learned techniques from fishermen and each other on how to prevent problems from developing and tips in safety and emergency procedures.

In the thousands of hours examiners and trainers have spent with fishermen in training, a lot of information on safety is shared between both groups. Survivors of fishing casualties have often provided valuable lesson of what to do or not to do in an emergency. This panel will share their experience to not only make it easier to pass a USCG examination, but also provide practical ideas to increase the effectiveness of safety orientations and emergency drills and procedures to take in an actual emergency.

The panel will include Coast Guard fishing vessel safety staff and examiners and a representative from AMSEA, who will share their experiences working with fishermen on helping fishermen be better prepared for an emergency.