Onne van der Wal's award winning nautical photography is world renowned. From his Newport, RI based studio and retail gallery, Onne and his staff manage his extensive collection of images from around the globe featuring the most beautiful classic yachts, the sleekest racing machines, quiet harbors and secluded beaches.
Onne (pronounced "Onn-Uh") has been a nautical, sailing and yacht photographer for over 20 years. Once a professional sailor, Onne got his start in nautical, sailing and yacht photography while sailing with the 1981-82 Dutch Whitbread Around the World Race Team on their winning boat, FLYER. When Onne returned from their winning circumnavigation, the press was eager to see the many sailing photos he had shot with gear given to the eager young sailor and sailing photographer by Olympus Cameras. These yachting photos are still often published today and were his first commercial works, as they came to represent the photographic style and elements he is now well known for. Dramatic angles from the masthead or the end of the spinnaker pole are examples of the effort Onne will put into any assignment or boating photo shoot he accepts.
Onne's in depth understanding of sailing and boats brings a unique element to his nautical / sailing / yacht photography and lends itself to his individual style. When Onne is hired as a boating photographer, he brings these skills to the job and is able to play many roles - he can set up a fleet of boats for a mock-race, stylize a mega yacht for a discerning client, call out trim and sail change sequences for a sailboat photography shoot - all the while shooting with a keen eye and meticulous attention to the mechanical details of the yachting photograph.
Onne spends his summers photographing the busy nautical scene in Newport, RI where he has his office and a gallery of his work on Bannister's Wharf downtown (the Onne van der Wal gallery). In the off-season, Onne travels extensively as a nautical and sailing photographer for private yacht photography and commercial clients. His first book, "Wind and Water," was released in May 2004 and has been a great success with admirers of Onne's work and the water and by photography buffs. His award winning sailing calendars grace the walls of countless people year-round.
Onne lives in Jamestown, RI with his wife Tenley and their 3 children, Read, Billy and Adrian, and often takes the family cruising and sailing - they are handy and capable models for many of his photo shoots.
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Come visit our Nautical Art Gallery in Newport, Rhode Island! You'll find a wide array of Onne's nautical art work including Limited Editions, sailing Posters, Mini Nautical Prints and boating Calendars. We're located in the heart of Newport along America's Cup Avenue and near the water on Bannister's Wharf.
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