Boating, Fishing, and Travel Information for Newport, RI

Newport Harbor is a premier destination for sailors and cruisers, rich with nautical history, and offering direct access to open ocean and an important harbor of refuge with easy access day and night. The harbor and surrounding areas thrive with boating activities, services, onshore attractions and notable restaurants.

“During cruising season, there are almost continuous sailing events taking place in the area, says Onne van der Wal, a renowned nautical photographer with a gallery in Newport, “ranging from spectacular world-class regattas to the huge local Optimist dinghy fleet. And the harbor is full of famous boats and big yachts.

“Once you’re moored in the harbor, you’re just a dinghy ride away from Bannister’s and Bowen’s wharfs, which are the heart of downtown,” says van der Wal. “You don’t have to walk anywhere. Just tie up your dinghy, and enjoy some of Newport’s best restaurants.”


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