The Stuart Knockabout is a replication of L. Francis Herreshoff's design No. 53. L. Francis succeeded admirably in utilizing all his earlier experience and familiarity with his father's designs and advanced them with his own independent genius and artistry. What evolved is an uncluttered, easily handled and yet swift design.
Every boat is, to some extent, a compromise. But if you are looking for a large elegant daysailer with comfort, ease of handling, shallow draft and speed, you will not find a more qualified boat than the Stuart Knockabout.
Bill Harding, founder of Doughdish, the very successful fiberglass replica of Nat Herreshoff's 12 1/2, stumbled upon the original and only wooden knockabout and began reproducing her in fiberglass. The foam-cored hull is light and durable, and her varnished teak trim is eye-catching. Every effort has been made to preserve her classic elegance and advance the performance in a more forgiving and easier to maintain version.
In 2010, Steve Ballentine and his daughter, Amy Ballentine Stevens, purchased the rights and molds to to produce the Stuart Knockabout and the Doughdish. Production moved to Ballentine's Boat Shop on Cape Cod and now 80 Stuarts and 536 Doughdishes are sailing world wide.