Determining the future of deep-sea mining has become a pressing issue for global society. What we do in the watery depths has direct implications for climate change, technology, marine life, and the financial autonomy of some island nations. If you’ve heard a little buzz about the topic but aren’t clear on the details, this online event is for you.

On December 9, 2021 at 11:30 am PT, join Hakai Magazine news editor Colin Schultz and expert panelists John Jamieson, the Canada Research Chair on marine geology; Klaas Willaert, an expert on the law of the sea and a member of Belgium’s delegation to the International Seabed Authority; and Verena Tunnicliffe, a Canada Research Chair and expert on deep-sea biodiversity, for an engaging discussion. They’ll cover how and where minerals form, what the different types of deep-sea mining are, and how each may affect the environment—in the mining area, and far afield. They will also explore how these various forms of mining are regulated, and learn who ultimately holds the decision-making power to push deep-sea mining forward, or reign it in.

Register for “Deep-Sea Mining Demystified” to participate on Zoom. Or tune in on YouTube: