The Best Seafood Cookbooks & Food Gifts

We’ve pulled together a list of amazing seafood cookbooks and food gifts that your ‘foodie’ friends and family with be certain to enjoy!

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The Best Seafood Cookbooks

The Joy of Seafood

The Joy of Seafood

With over 900 recipes, this soon to be classic and must-have reference from Chef Barton Seaver, covers dishes for almost 100 different types of fish! This is a cookbook for home cooks that includes regional as well as classic dishes. Seaver is a committed sustainable food advocate, helping to insure that we can continue to enjoy the bounty of our oceans for years ahead. Try his Citrus-Crusted Fried Halibut, or his Hot Smoked Salmon…

The Whole Fish Cookbook

The Whole Fish Cookbook: New Ways to Eat, Cook, and Think

Chef Josh Niland is on a mission to spread the word that fish are more than just their filets. This book looks creatively into using all all sorts of parts of a fish and provides a wealth of advice on curing, agin, and cutting. Guaranteed that your favorite seafood cook will learn something new! Try his Roast Fish Boat Marrow, or Cod Liver Pate…

Salt Smoke Time: Homesteading and Heritage Techniques for the Modern Kitchen

In this cookbook for the serious do-it-yourself foodie and adventurer, Chef Will Horowitz draws upon his experience as a fisherman, naturalist, and forager. The book provides techniques for curing, smoking, pickling, and more, as well tips fo catching and harvesting your ingredients! A fascinating read. Try his Fermented Corn on the Cob with Duck Liver Butter…

The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook: Salmon, Crab, Oysters, and More

The Pacific Northwest is long been known for its bounty of fish and diverse seafood-eating cultures. This book by Naomi Tomky includes both the basics of cutting, cleaning, and cooking the fish varieties in the region, along with 75 contemporary regional recipes from as super-star cast of seafood chefs. Try her Pink Scallop Ceviche, or Dungeness Crab Deviled Eggs…

The Best Food Gifts for Seafood Lovers

Live Lobster from Maine

There is no greater surprise, nor more joyously received gift, than when a lobster-lover opens a box of live ones! Trust us; we’ve sent many of these over the years, and without exception people adore this gift. These lobsters are certified ‘Maine-caught’ so you can know they come from our cold pristine waters! Don’t forget to send lobster crackers

American Wild Salmon Caviar

The best ‘glam’ treat imaginable, this little jar of premium quality caviar is like giving jewels! And hopefully the person to whom you give it will be happy to share with you.

Kelp Pickles from Alaska 

This novel – and super healthy – taste treat is made by Barnacle Kitchen in Alaska using wild, small batch kelp that is hand harvested.

Clam, Lobster, and Fish Stocks

Perfect stocking stuffers or small gifts, cooks can use these tasty and quick stocks in a wide variety of creative ways. Better than Bullion is a trusted brand relied on by cooks everywhere and having seafood options adds a whole new dimension to what’s possible!

Which ones will you pick?

Wild Salmon Jerky

These sampler packs of wild salmon from Alaska are great on-the-go snacks everyone will enjoy. Super addition for paleo diets and will support your new year resolutions!