For 100 years, ALEXSEAL‚ parent company and German paint pioneer Mankiewicz has led the development of technologically advanced products to protect and beautify machinery, automobile interiors, and wide-body commercial airliners. Within the past several years, Mankiewicz has applied this advanced technology to a new set of products specifically designed for fiberglass, steel, and aluminum yachts. This, combined with the knowledge that a team of industry professionals with more than 150 years of combined experience is there for you, provides for ideal paint solutions and more time on the water.

Alexseal‚ Premium Topcoats are formulated with the best performing materials available on the market. Top-quality pigments provide better hiding power to reduce the number of coats required for full coverage. Premium UV resistors offer unmatched color retention, as proven in a Delta E test that examined how ALEXSEAL paints changed over time versus those of the top competitors. A second test measured loss of gloss. In each case, ALEXSEAL was the top performer.
Consumers can take comfort in knowing that ALEXSEAL products protect their yachts with the same technology that allows jets to withstand ice and rainstorms at 600 miles an hour, 30,000 feet in the air. Forty knots on the ocean surface doesn’t look as harsh by comparison.