Derelict boats are a problem in many parts of the country. The situation was exacerabated in southwest Florida after Hurricane Ian.

Clearing the Waterways

12/31/2023 - By Eric Colby. Abandoned vessels threaten navigation and the environment, but removing them can be complicated. Kara Diehl was in the hospital with complications from Type 1 diabetes when her phone rang. The caller was inquiring about her late father’s abandoned boat. “I didn’t know my dad had owned a… SEE MORE
Maine Windjammer Association

State of Maine COVID-19 Checklist for Vessel Charters

6/21/2020 - The operational checklist for charter fishing, sightseeing/daysailing and windjammers was issued on June 16th, 2020. Pre-Trip Considerations Vessels that take 6 guests or fewer, “6 packs,” can run at maximum capacity. Vessels licensed to take 7 or more passengers must not exceed passenger limits established in current guidance from the Governor’s… SEE MORE