Lowe Hardware caters to customers in the high-end yacht and residential markets with interior hardware provided on a project-by-project basis. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of latches, knobs, and levers for fine cabinetry. Solutions for any style and size cabinet door are engineered and produced in-house. The people of our company handle hardware for passage doors and the implementation of all components of interior hardware.
Custom work is also designed and produced in-house at our Rockland, Maine, manufacturing facility. By employing modern manufacturing techniques along with the use of premium materials, Lowe Hardware can fulfill your hardware needs. Our line displays the company's talents as patternmakers, machinists, fabricators, and most importantly, designers. Come to us with your project's needs and we can fulfill them with our ability to create a functioning and beautiful piece—all the way from the design process to the final polishing techniques that we have created.