Explore Hawaii on US Harbors

US Harbors is now serving Hawaii!

17/10/2017 - Aloha! We here at US Harbors are proud to announce that we are now providing accurate tide, weather, and harbor information to the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Whether you are an avid boater, fisherman, or surfer, or you just love to stroll along the beaches, US Harbors tide and weather… SEE MORE
Boating Drama - Dave Horne

Why is boating full of drama?

16/10/2017 - If you have a boat of any size, you know what I’m talking about. You’re Living the Dream, the wind is in your hair as you bask in the shimmering sun dancing on the waves, the smell of sea air fills your nostrils, and suddenly, the sh*t hits the fan… SEE MORE
Passengers on Bow of Steamboat

Connecticut’s Steamboat Past

24/8/2017 - The steamboat was the first form of engine powered travel across water and from about 1820 to 1940, Connecticut’s coastal and riverside residents relied on them as much as we do today on cars and busses for quick transportation. Travel on the Connecticut River was very downstream until the steam… SEE MORE

Destination – Mattapoisett

25/7/2017 - Why Mattapoisett? I’ve boated and lived in Mattapoisett since I was a kid, so it was never a destination to me. The truth is, it’s not really a destination anyone ever mentions, but it’s really a great one… 1. It’s a generally well protected harbor for all but a strong… SEE MORE

Mystic Seaport Named Pet-Friendliest CT Attraction

5/6/2017 - Mystic Seaport was proud to be named the most pet-friendly attraction in Connecticut in 2017 by GoPetFriendly.com. But our tails are really wagging now because the two- and four-legged friends behind the travel website are coming to visit!   Amy and Rod Burkert and their two dogs, Ty and Buster, will… SEE MORE

Engineering Solutions

19/5/2017 - When Steve Parrot arrived at GIBY with his recently acquired Westerly 57, he filled out a Winter Storage & Work Order form and checked off boxes for services he wanted performed on his new boat. One of the boxes he checked was for a Rig Inspection. Not a bad idea… SEE MORE
ECHO, a 1960 Alden Challenger. Alden's first fiberglass sailboat.

The coast of New England is a floating museum.

13/4/2017 - Ancient working schooners, active fleets of classic racers - some a century old, coastal New England is a museum under sail. Joining this floating archive; ‘Classic Plastic’, the first molded fiberglass boats. A few of these pioneers that ushered in the new material - fiberglass, have put in 60 years… SEE MORE