Coastal Flood and Sea-Level Rise Monitoring Solutions

US Harbors is working to bring real-time, observational, tide monitoring to coastal communities around the country, helping them plan for adaptation.

With over 95,000 miles of coastline in the United States, most communities do not have access to the kind of tidal monitoring needed to understand and plan for the impacts of sea-level rise. US Harbors is working to help communities get access to new technologies that will provide real-time hyper-local data on tide and water-level trends.

See the projects we are working on, and let us know if you want a tide station for your community!

NOTE: This video was produced by US Harbors and originally published in ECO Magazines Rising Seas Issue 2021. View the print version.

US Harbors Tide Station Projects

Coastal communities need hyper-local climate and water level data to be able to plan for both emergencies and long term adaptation, enabling them to ensure safety and an enduring quality of life along our coasts. To help with this US Harbors has been testing various hyper-local tide station technologies, and working with municipal leaders and coastal residents get these low cost, low maintenance solutions in place. Additionally, we are working with small, rural municipalities to help them determine risk areas, educate their constituents, and develop approaches to planning that are actionable by local leaders.

Our current tide station projects include:

  • San Francisco, CA — Installation at the SF Public Marina
  • Penobscot Bay, ME — Installation of 5 tide stations in the communities of Belfast, Camden, Rockport, Rockland, and Tenants Harbor with technology and data partner, Divirod. This project started in September of 2021 and is on-going. Read More
  • Portland, ME — Installation at Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s docks on the Portland waterfront, in partnership with the City of Portland, with technology and data partner, Hohonu. This project started in December 2021, and is on-going. Read More
  • (In Progress) New York, NY — Installation of 2 tide stations in New York City at the public marinas