Zoom flukes mounted on small jigheads were the key to landing schoolies like this one last week.

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Schoolie Fishing Heats Up in the Bay

4/9/2012 - My brother and I got out late last week in the upper Bay, as we took the boat out on its first voyage of 2012. Yes, we found good numbers of schoolies. Together we landed about fifteen fish, all new ones I suspect judging by their small size and bright… SEE MORE
To find early season stripers, think shallow and moving waters.

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How to Find, and Catch, Early Season Stripers

4/30/2012 - I got out fishing Saturday evening. My main focus was to fish shallow, moving water. I got in this one Bay location where I had a small outflow spilling water into the Bay. The place looked like a nothing spot but with water movement, it had really produced for me… SEE MORE