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Ocean Shippers Playing Catch Up to Electric Vehicle Fire Risk

8/8/2023 - By LOS ANGELES/AMSTERDAM, July 27 (Reuters) – Electric vehicles are crisscrossing the globe to reach their eager buyers, but the battery technology involved in the zero- emission automobiles is exposing under-prepared maritime shippers to the risk of hard-to-control fires, industry, insurance and emergency response officials said. That risk has been put… SEE MORE
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How To Be Safe When Boating on Crowded Waters

8/4/2023 - By James Moffitt. Boating on crowded waters over holiday weekends or during busy fishing seasons can be stressful, irritating, and even dangerous. Being confident in your understanding of basic maritime norms and boating safety will make it easier for you to safely navigate crowded waterways and avoid crashes. Below is… SEE MORE
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The Secrets of Ships’ Super Smooth Hulls

8/2/2023 - By Chris Baraniuk. In the late 1700s, King George III glimpsed the future of shipping. Sir Charles Middleton, comptroller of the British Royal Navy, approached the monarch with a vision. His pitch came with a demo—a specially modified model of a warship called the Bellona. The king’s eye soon fell on the… SEE MORE
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Better Boating Etiquette

8/1/2023 - By Ever wonder why power boaters and sailors often misunderstand each other’s intentions? It all comes down to understanding the other’s needs. While the intentional disruption of a day on the water is quite scarce, unintentional disruptions are usually the result of a misunderstanding of rules. In other words,… SEE MORE
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Boaters Beware: Top 5 Most Dangerous Sea Animals

7/22/2023 - By This summer, a female otter off the coast of Monterey, California, is harassing wakeboarders and surfers, stealing and sometimes destroying their boards. It’s gotten so bad that a wildlife crew is trying to capture her. Her “cuteness” becomes mildly terrifying in this video, where she charges at a man in… SEE MORE
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Calif. Proposes 300% Registration Fee Increase

7/11/2023 - By California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s 2024 budget includes a 300% boat registration fee increase, and BoatUS and the nonprofit Recreational Boaters of California are asking boat owners in the state to voice their concerns about the rate hike. “Most citizens can understand, over time, the need for modest increases… SEE MORE
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Americans’ boating passion still afloat after pandemic

6/18/2023 - By Joann Muller, author of Axios What's Next. Recreational boating, which took off during the COVID-19 pandemic, remains popular despite what industry experts call a "normalization" of boat sales in the wake of the COVID era's extraordinary growth. Why it matters: It turns out that prioritizing outdoor recreation, mental health and unique experiences with close friends and… SEE MORE
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Public Ramp Boat-Launching Tips for Beginners

6/14/2023 - By KEN SCHULTZ5 When you’re new to boat operation, there are several moments of truth that occur as you begin to accumulate experience: docking, anchoring, trailer loading on a windy day, navigating a tricky waterway, etc. None is more intimidating than public ramp boat launching. Seasoned boaters can regale you with… SEE MORE
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The Art of Steel

6/1/2023 - By Paul Molyneaux. In Bayou La Batre, Alabama, older boatbuilders pass on skills to the next generation. When cotton was king in the South, wooden boats built in Maine carried the crop to the mills of England. Now that scallops and lobsters are the kings of New England and Mid-Atlantic fisheries,… SEE MORE