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What would net-zero shipping look like?

8/14/2023 - By The International Maritime Organization has set a net-zero goal "by or around 2050". What is needed to reach this? At a UN summit, countries have agreed to curb shipping emissions to net zero "by or around 2050". At the annual meeting of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), countries agreed to… SEE MORE
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Octopuses (and Their DNA) Suggest Antarctica Will Melt Again

8/9/2023 - By DID THE WEST ANTARCTIC ICE Sheet completely collapse during the latest interglacial period, about 125,000 years ago? It’s an important question for climate scientists, but geology was giving them no answers. So they turned to genetics instead. Enter Turquet’s octopus (Pareledone turqueti), a cephalopod with a four-million-year pedigree that… SEE MORE
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Ocean Shippers Playing Catch Up to Electric Vehicle Fire Risk

8/8/2023 - By LOS ANGELES/AMSTERDAM, July 27 (Reuters) – Electric vehicles are crisscrossing the globe to reach their eager buyers, but the battery technology involved in the zero- emission automobiles is exposing under-prepared maritime shippers to the risk of hard-to-control fires, industry, insurance and emergency response officials said. That risk has been put… SEE MORE