Shouldered Oar Films

Shouldered Oar Films is a full-service film and video company. We have always understood that the most effective way to communicate is to combine the twin powers of narrative and visual imagery. Every client has a need and a story and we work to analyze those needs and deliver your… SEE MORE

Northeast Historic Film

Home movies sitting in a closet deteriorating? Priceless footage of coastal living waiting to be shared? Visit Northeast Historic Film, a non-profit moving image archives, to learn how to preserve and copy your film to a more accessible format. SEE MORE
Midcoast Magnet

Midcoast Magnet

Midcoast Magnet works to attract, connect and retain talented people in Midcoast Maine by developing leaders in support of innovative projects that foster creativity, livability and economic vitality. We're a non-profit organization of people dedicated to vibrant culture, entrepreneurship, and social and professional networking. SEE MORE