Camden’s Windjammer Weekend: Pirates, Adventures, and Stories

Pirates. Shackleton. And more schooner bums than you can shake a jib-boom at. The salty silliness goes full-speed ahead Labor Day weekend in Camden Harbor for the Camden Windjammer Festival. This three-day affair brings all the schooner crews (plus, of course, their schooners) together on Friday night for a talent show, fireworks, and plenty of tall-ship silliness.

The party doesn’t end when the visiting big boats head back to their homeports on Saturday (the half-dozen local windjammers, plus some invited other ships, stay in the harbor all weekend). All day long the Camden Public Landing features salty souls sharing maritime skills that range from ropework to sailmaking to cooking on a woodstove.

Sunday features more demonstrations and story-telling (you can’t have windjammers without having stories!), as well as the sea dog show and the ever-popular Build-a-Boat race, which usually is as much a test of perseverance as construction skills.

For the full Camden Windjammer Weekend schedule, click here.