Quest for Speed: A Sailor’s Vision Becomes SpeedDream

The quest for speed is an obsession and Team SpeedDream is on a mission to build the fastest monohull on the planet. The first prototype is underway at Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Company in Thomaston, Maine, and gaining momentum. This short video explains the background of the project, and features some incredible shots of gorgeous boats going very, very fast.

Vlad Murnikov’s conceptual designs have been refined and evaluated by Ross Weene and Rodger Martin of Rodger Martin Design in Newport, Rhode Island. 3D models of the hull and deck were used to our advantage in designing a fairly complex set of molds. Boulder Hill of Warren, Maine, CNC cut the mold’s frames and assembled them on a traditional strongback. The next step will be to sheath the frames, creating female molds for both the hull and deck. The sheathing will be multiple laminates of plywood coated in high-temperature resin to withstand the heat required to cure the pre-preg carbon we will be using in the construction.

Meanwhile, there are a few sailing hardware details being worked out at HARKEN that will be incorporated into the molds prior to producing the hull and deck. Skip Mattos of Harken is working closely with Team SpeedDream to develop an extremely efficient sail handling system on a unique and radical sailing platform!

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