Preparing a Classic in Camden for a Bold Adventure

It’s always a treat when the first boat of the season arrives at the Wayfarer docks from the Caribbean. It’s especially satisfying when it’s a gorgeous classic like Nordwind, the 86’ yawl that we got to know this year down in Antigua. Built in 1939 for the German Navy to serve in that country’s officer training program in the North Sea and the Baltic, Nordwind became a racing yacht after the war and has competed in the Transatlantic Race as well as the Caribbean circuit. Incredibly, this big, powerful yacht was sailed directly from Antigua to Maine with a crew of only three people!

Nordwind will be at Wayfarer Marine for a brief yard period this spring before undertaking yet another adventure: transiting the Northwest Passage. (Stay tuned for details of that journey.) In the meantime, enjoy these shots of the crew drying out the yacht’s canvas after the trip up from the Caribbean. Frankly, we’d be thrilled to arrive in port looking this good!