Maine Contractor’s New Swim Ladder Blends Form & Function

Falls Point Marine of Freeport, Maine, has created a lightweight, functional, and elegant swim ladder design that will withstand both the test of time and the elements. Built of a strong, solid one-inch aluminum frame with comfortable wooden rungs, this ladder has the same combination of durability and beauty that has given Falls Point Marine a reputation for the finest in marine construction.

But what also sets this ladder apart is its ease of use and its innovative design. Despite its sturdy construction, the ladder is remarkably lightweight and can be effortlessly stowed using just one hand. Tall, open handrails make the ladder easy to grab from the water. Finally, if you forget to stow your ladder on a full-moon tide, no problem! The ladder automatically lifts off the bottom if your float grounds out.

Dock time is special time, and with this new ladder design, Falls Point Marine helps make it even easier.

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