Red Snapper Fishing Dates Announced – Gulf Coast


Red Snapper season is alive and well as the NOAA announced the 2021 recreational for-hire season will begin on Tuesday, June 1st and end on Tuesday, August 3rd.

For context, the 2021 season will be 1 day longer than the 2020 and 2019 seasons and 12 days longer than the 2018 season.

The red snapper total recreational quota for the year is 7,399,000 pounds, 42% of which is allocated to for-hire recreational Red Snapper trips.

The recreational quota of 7,399,000 pounds of whole fish is equal to the 2020 and 2019 quotas and is 669,000 pounds more than 2018’s quota.

All in all, we’re in for a long and healthy Red Snapper season here on the gulf!

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On March 10, Texas Parks & Wildlife announced their initial fish kill findings, stating that 3.8MM fish were killed in the 2021 Texas winter storm fish kill.

Of these 3.8MM, 9% were gamefish and of that 9%, Speckled Trout accounted for 48%.

On the back of this news yesterday, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission announced an emergency rule to change Speckled Trout limits for the Upper Laguna Madre and Lower Laguna Madre from the JFK Causeway at Corpus Christi down to the Rio Grande.

The rule, which will last 120 days or less, will provide for a three-fish Speckled Trout limit (as opposed to the current five-fish limit) and size restrictions of 17-23 inches (as opposed to the current 15-25 inches, with one fish allowed over 25 inches).

These changes will help our South Texas Speckled Trout fishery recover, and we encourage everyone to book a catch and release discounted trip today.

Lastly, thanks to all who participated in our Help Bring Texas Fisheries Back social media campaign. These donations will go directly to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation (TPWF).

While the social media campaign has ended, Captain Experiences continues to donate 5% of profits on all 2021 Texas inshore trips to TPWF.