Gym and Home Exercises To Help Prepare Your Body For SUP Season


If you are an avid SUP enthusiast who lives in a seasonal climate you probably spend much of the winter counting down the days until you can use your board again. Maybe you even take a tropical trip in the winter to thaw out and keep your paddling skills sharp.

But for many people, the winter is a time when our abdomens get soft and our core strength starts to diminish. But as summer approaches, it is important to make sure your body is ready for a long season of SUP boarding.

Rather than going full steam ahead when your body isn’t ready, try some gym and at-home exercises to get your body ready for SUP boarding. Various planks, squats, and lunges are very helpful in engaging your upper body, lower body, and core. Pushups are also great for the abdomen and shoulders – crucial SUP target areas. Yoga and pilates are also great for building core strength and improving balance.

You can do many workouts to help get in shape for SUP season. The important thing is that you don’t over-stress your muscles right away when paddling, as this increases the risk of injury. Instead, take several weeks, or even months, to get your body in paddling shape so you can get on the water with confidence this summer.

What Muscle Groups Does SUP Boarding Target?

SUP boarding is a full-body workout. That is one of the many benefits of SUP boarding. It also means that when you prepare your body for another season of SUP boarding, you need to prepare all of your muscle groups.

From your upper back, shoulders, and pectorals to your biceps and triceps in the arms – SUP boarding fully engages your upper body. It also relies heavily on your abdominal core for both strength and balance.