Photo by Jamie Bloomquist/

Size Doesn’t Matter

10/25/2011 - It's not the size of your transom that matters, it's how you move through the water. I'd take a trip around the harbor on this fine craft any day, any time. SEE MORE
Photo by Onne van der Wal

OK, Maybe Sometimes Size Does Matter

10/25/2011 - I've claimed before that when it comes to boats, size doesn't matter. But I might need to qualify my earlier statement, since size most definitely does make a difference when it comes to moving $270 million worth of power yachts across the Atlantic. That was the total value of the… SEE MORE
Photo by Jen Conover

Sumurun Style: Jib and Jigger

10/17/2011 - Few yacht designs are as striking as those of William Fife, III. Whether it’s the graceful rise of the bow or the sloping sheerline, there’s no mistaking a Fife sitting at the dock or on the hook. But what about when the breeze pipes up? Sumurun, a 1914 Fife that… SEE MORE