Maryland Fishing Report.

Maryland Fishing Report Week of October 23rd, 2019

25/10/2019 - By Keith Lockwood. Photo by Steve Doctor The stormy weather during September and October often bring fishy friends from southern waters to the coast of Ocean City. Don Whittington of Bivalve, Wicomico County, was fishing near some offshore lobster pot buoys recently when he caught an 11-pound tripletail, a new addition… SEE MORE
Photo Courtesy of NOAA Fisheries.

Scientists Suggest Suitable Sites for Offshore Blue Mussel Farms

25/10/2019 - Offshore mussel farm sites need to have the right temperature, food availability, and the right currents. According to a study by researchers at NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center, several suitable locations can be found off the Northeastern United States. Their findings were published in the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. They suggest that the most… SEE MORE
Photo Courtesy of US Coast Guard.

Safety 101: Kid’s Life Jackets

23/10/2019 - By Tom Watson. Of all the safety gear used by those who enjoy on-water sports, none should be scrutinized more than the family of life jackets/PFDs available. And, speaking of family, those devices designed for infants and youth are the most critical. Let’s take a closer look at several aspects… SEE MORE

Increase in Atlantic King Mackerel Trip Limit

23/10/2019 - KEY MESSAGE: NOAA Fisheries announces a temporary rule to increase the commercial king mackerel trip limit from 50 to 75 fish in the Atlantic Southern Zone during Season 2 (October 1, 2019, through February 29, 2020). The commercial trip limit will increase in federal waters in the area between the Flagler/Volusia County,… SEE MORE
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Lifejacket Vans Adding Additional Ports

23/10/2019 - The Lifejackets for Lobstermen Project announced that they are adding a few additional ports before ending the Lifejacket Vans dockside visits for the season. Massachusetts Ports Provincetown: October 25 & 28 Chatham: October 29 Boston: October 30 & 31, November 1 Beverly: November 4 Rockport: November 5 Maine Ports Stonington:… SEE MORE

Tips and Tricks for Targeting Trophy Tautog

8/10/2019 - By New England Boating. If you wanted to create the perfect blackfish habitat, you’d start with a mussel-encrusted rock bottom, pepper it with a generous number of wrecks and large boulders then harden some of the shoreline with jetties, sea walls, docks and bulkheads. Next, add an abundance of crabs,… SEE MORE