William Hand’s Legacy on Display in Castine this July

Castine has been fortunate in hosting many of America’s finest yacht designers (we still enjoy remembering the time just a few years ago that Olin Stephens lounged on the deck of the Castine Yacht Club as his first major commission, Dorade, bobbed at the mooring a few hundred yards away). Unfortunately some of the sailing masters made their final voyage over the horizon before they could make it to this tiny town tucked at the head of Penobscot Bay, but thankfully their floating legacies remained with us and visit from time to time.

On July 10-12 yachtsmen in Castine will hold a tribute to William Hand, who is without doubt one of the most prolific designers of the twentieth century. Castine is a fitting site for such a rendezvous, as it is the home of both the Maine Maritime schooner Bowdoin and the ketch Guildive. Other visiting Hand-designed yachts participating in the rendezvous will include the 108’ windjammer Nathaniel Bowditch, the 57’ motorsailer Burma, and the 36’ ketch Alisande. (Any other sail- or motor-powered yacht designed by Hand or his design partner, Richard.O. Davis, is also invited.) On July 11 some of the vessels will be open to the public for free tours, a chance to meet these historic vessels’ captains and crews, and live music. That same evening will feature a lecture on the works of Hand and Davis. The morning of July 12 will see the yachts departing Castine under a parade of sail.

Yet another reason we’re putting Castine on our itinerary this summer – not that we really needed an excuse!

A Celebration of Working Sail
The Designs of William Hand Jr. and R.O. Davis
July 10-12, 2011
On the Docks of Castine, Maine

For more information about the rendezvous, click here or contact Captains Zander Parker and Kate Kana at 207-701-1421 or via email at [email protected]