Quiet, Solitary Scenes from the Schoodic Peninsula

The Schoodic section of Acadia National Park is an absolute gem of a place. The only mainland acreage in the park, the Schoodic peninsula juts out into the rough Atlantic ocean, allowing for brilliant and harsh displays of the ocean’s considerable wrath.

On a clear and crisp December day, when the wind is still and the sun presides over a beautiful blue sky, Schoodic can seem like your own private outdoor playground. I counted three cars during an entire day’s visit recently inside the park. I never saw another person on my hike up the Anvil Trail to the summit of Schoodic Head.

Truly a special piece of real estate, Schoodic will forever remain wild, and its breathtaking scenery forever intact, for generations of Mainers to enjoy.

Have you ever been to this sublime section of Acadia National Park? I’d love to hear your tips and tales!