Indiantown Island, a Great Discovery Near Boothbay

Indiantown Island is managed by the Boothbay Region Land Trust and is a great day stop for hiking or a picnic. The island has a small dinghy dock accessible at all tides, for dinghies, and a couple of miles of trails. The trails are well kept and the white blazes make following them easy.

The island has some slight elevation, making for some fun but not very exhausting hiking. This is a great spot for kids. The island is loaded with great finds for scavenger hunts. We often do scavenger hunts on island hikes and try to locate such items as pine cones, certain trees, clam shells, muscle shells, stone walls, tree warts etc. and Indiantown has no shortage of scavenging. The hike is on the northern end of the island and covers both the back creek side and the Ebenecook sides of the Island.

This spot is rarely used and you’ll likely find it all to yourself. From Boothbay Harbor simply pass through the Townsend Gut and turn north.

The Boothbay Region Land Trust maintains a single mooring just off the dock, though it is fairly shallow at low tide. If entering in a sailboat be aware of this and choose the tides if you have deep draft. There is plenty of room outside the mooring to anchor, with good holding, in deeper water.