Slivers of Spring in the Moody Month of March

The month of March is a period of great transition on the Maine coast. Winter morphs into the house guest that refuses to leave, and no matter how hard you wish for Spring’s arrival, you know deep down that March is still a winter month in these parts, and the twenty-first day really means nothing.

Your feelings are reinforced by the cold winds that sweep off the ocean and the snowflakes that threaten to fall on the still-frozen ground. Yet, for all of winter’s daily reminders, there are slight openings for optimism.

The sun stays out a little longer, the grass seems a little greener, and the Red Sox have started spring training. The nights are still cold and the mornings are still frosty, but the afternoons can bring brief moments of warmth and comfort.

The sky in early spring seems to change with every passing hour. Bright blue sky gives way to grey clouds and rain drops. An overnight snow leads to a brilliant sunrise, and then the sky is clear again! Just as fast as it cleared, the sky will turn grey again, and you will wait for the sun to reappear — no matter how many days it takes.