Thawing Out from a Maine Winter in Steuben

Spring is officially here, thank god. Even though this winter was rather mild, it still feels incredible when that first prolonged blast of warm air settles over Maine’s small coastal towns and villages. If you are lucky enough to live on the coast, you know what this feeling is like.

In Washington County, the melting of all snow and ice can slowly but surely bring about a dramatic change in the landscape. Skies seem bluer, beaches more inviting. The afternoon begins to linger, instead of race by like it does in January.

One such afternoon that was perfectly suited for lingering came about last week. I found myself at the Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge, where I had planned to hike for the afternoon. The temperature pushed 55 and the wind was light off Pigeon Hill Bay, the narrow and cozy passageway that separates Bois Bubert Island from Steuben proper. The blue sky above stretched on forever, and the sun glistened off the water. I hiked all day without seeing another soul.

Spring can be such a wonderful time to be on the Maine coast!