Top Marine Electronics Writer Recognizes USHarbors

The USHarbors team was thrilled this weekend to discover that we’d been reviewed by Ben Ellison, one of the top journalists to cover the marine electronics industry, and that we’d passed his tests with flying colors.

Now, in the name of full disclosure, we must make clear that we have known Ben for a long time. But with that familiarity comes the knowledge that Ben is a writer with strong opinions and is not afraid to share them — good, bad, or otherwise.

What was especially heartening in this particular review was not just the praise that the author heaped upon USHarbors — calling the upgrades we rolled out last week the “rather spectacular update of the USHarbors Network” made our efforts seem worthwhile — but also the way he understood perfectly what USHarbors is, as well as what it is not. Ben keyed right in on the harbor-centric nature of USHarbors, noting the tremendous power of a platform that allows boaters to share their Local Knowledge through tips, harbor reports, videos, and photo galleries. He also made special note of our new mapping functions, which allow a user to view a nautical chart overlay for each harbor or state map, and praised our full-screen weather radar.

Concluding his review by declaring that “USHarbors is even easier to use than Facebook” was a special treat, as it has always been our intention to make our platform the easiest, most useful, and most FUN digital platform for boaters and other coastal travelers.

Earning the recommendation of such a noted marine journalist is enough to put a bit of wind in our sails for sure!

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