Maine’s Connection to Antigua Classics Goes Deep

The connection between Maine yachts and the Caribbean goes back centuries — the ice and cocoa trade was but one example of the way these two locations have worked together — but the bond between Maine boatyards and warm-water yachtsmen is no less significant. Wayfarer Marine, in Camden, has long been at the forefront of keeping the Maine/Caribbean connection alive, even going so far as to maintain an office in Antigua back in the day.

That office is now gone, but Wayfarer is one of the nine boatyards, boatbuilders, and media companies who are constantly demonstrating the craftsmanship and attention to detail that has always been a hallmark of the Pine Tree State. The list of entries in this year’s Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta includes many names well-known to Wayfarer, among them Aschanti V, Aurelius, Juno, and Sincerity. One of the names absent from this year’s event, though, is Sumurun, the legendary 94′ Fife that has won more than its share of awards in Antigua. Sumurun has hardly dropped from Wayfarer’s radar, though — it and a sister Fife, Belle A’venture, are currently undergoing refit work at Wayfarer’s facility in Camden.

For photos and an account of the work Wayfarer is doing on these two classic yachts simultaneously, click here.