Sabre Yachts Legacy: How Many Cradles?

This year, Sabre Yachts will celebrate it’s 42nd anniversary of building fine quality sail and motor yachts. Walking through the shop the other day I saw one of our associates doing what needs to be done every time a new model is introduced to our range. He was building new bunks for the cradles that we use in production to support the hull of the boat.

This particular set is for the new Sabre 38 Salon Express, and it made me wonder how many times this event had occurred since 1970 when the first bunks were built for the Sabre 28 — the model that launched the company.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be fun to see if anyone can guess how many times this has happened in our company’s history? Care to take a guess? Hint: there is information on our web site that will lead you to the answer, but even then you will need to be a Sabre officiando to get it right.

There are two Sabre ball caps in it for the first person to get the correct answer. Remember that some models such as the Sabre 28 MKII did not need new hull bunks because they were variants on the older designs with new interiors but with the same hull design.

Good luck and have fun!