Dreaming Away a Rainy Day in Tenants Harbor

Rain, rain, rain! That’s all the sky seems to want to give us the past couple of weeks in midcoast Maine. The sun will appear for a day, then disappear for three days. The ground will begin to dry up, only to be blanketed with heavy rains a few hours later.

Coastal Mainers are sometimes held hostage by the weather, and this spring has been a clear example of that. The only thing clear about the coast these days is the collective impatience of locals, who surely want nothing more than to bask in the warm rays of sunshine and sail off into the ocean under a clear sky and a good, stiff breeze.

When these prolonged periods of rain and fog close in around me, I find myself day-dreaming. Along with many other coastal visions, I dream of early mornings, when the ocean is still and the sun is just beginning to rise. My favorite place on the Maine coast, Tenants Harbor, is the perfect place to watch the day begin, especially under the promise of a sunny day in late spring, when everything is in bloom and the wonderful world of summer is only a few weeks away.

We Mainers must be patient when it comes to weather, for it is that quintessential Yankee determination that keeps us going. We can deal with blizzards, bone-chilling temperatures, relentless wind, and every kind of annoying mosquito or black fly you can think of. Here is some visual therapy to aid all coastal residents in their time of rain-soaked anxiety. What is a little bit of rain, other than a mere speed bump on the road to summer bliss?