Spring in Northeast Harbor: Boats, Blooms, and Bays

As the month of May progresses, things are happening in Northeast Harbor, and it’s all about boats, boats, and more boats! Launching boats, sanding hulls, rigging lines, checking equipment, and taking the boats out for the first runs of the season.

Under a sparkling blue sky, on a lazy Friday afternoon, this venerable harbor was alive with the sounds of the season — the boating season, of course!

Down at the Morris Yachts service yard, employees tended to any number of necessary tasks, such as testing engines, lowering dinghies into the water, and hosing down the docks. What beautiful music this was to my ears. I watched in a state of utter contentment, for when the sun shines of the coast of Maine, there is no finer place to be on this earth.

Summer is coming, and there is no stopping it now!