Will a Community Supported Fishery Work in VA?

The Virginia Sea Grant–College of William & Mary partnership to investigate local interest in establishing a community supported fishery (CSF) is continuing this summer, with two interns from William & Mary (WM) working in the Virginia Sea Grant offices at Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Rising WM Mason School of Business senior Yangyang Zhou is continuing market research initiated by students in Michael Luchs’ marketing class in the spring, while 2012 WM graduate Katie Thatcher is helping Virginia Sea Grant Director Troy Hartley investigate models for organizing a CSF.

CSFs allow watermen to bring seafood directly to consumers, who purchase a share of the fishermen’s catch and receive regular deliveries of fresh seafood. “We’re optimistic that a viable CSF can be established in our area,” says Hartley. “These interns are helping do the groundwork to make that happen.”