Welcome to Summer on the St. George Peninsula

Summer in Maine seems to bring out everything about the coast that I love. The nights are soft and filled with glorious sunsets. The mornings are calm and the ocean is still. The wispy and sometimes thick fog engages in its battle with the blue sky above.

The Village Ice Cream Shop opens its doors to the hungry passengers returning from Monhegan Island. Sunburned and weary, they stroll up the hill to taste all those fabulous flavors of summer. Blueberry, Raspberry, Peach, and Strawberry ice cream fill the summer palette and provide the perfect ending to a long day sailing the waters of Muscongus Bay or sitting on the smooth sands of Drift Inn Beach.

People stroll out to Marshall Point to take in the magnificent lighthouse that stands so proud, perched on a point, guarding the narrow entrance to Port Clyde Harbor, where fishing boats, skiffs and sailboats ply the clear blue waters. Boaters in shorts and tattered tee shirts grab their groceries at the general store and head back out to Hupper, Benner, Davis, and Caldwell Islands, where lobsterbakes and barbeques await.

Visitors lounge on the grand porch of the East Wind Inn, sipping their cocktails while enjoying the daily parade of sailboats gliding into Tenants Harbor. The grass smells heavenly, as it sways back and forth in the summer breeze. The blueberries are sweet, and the opportunity to pick them is rarely passed over. Pies are baked, lobsters are cracked, and corn is shucked. Laundry is left to dry in the salty air. Lawns are mowed and lupines spring forth to cover the roads and gardens of the peninsula. The moon rises over Mosquito Harbor and the stars fill the summer sky.

Life is good on the coast of Maine. Summer has returned, and the living is easy!