Beautiful “Rocky Place” Near Woods Hole: Nobska

Not far from the village of Woods Hole lies one of the best beaches in Falmouth — Nobska. A white-sand crescent, nestled in the rocky shoreline and under the shadow of scenic Nobska Light, this iconic Cape Cod beach looks out over Vineyard Sound.

This point, which juts out toward Martha’s Vineyard, marks the start of the treacherous Woods Hole Passage, and has had a lighthouse on it since 1828. In Wampanoag, Nobska means “rocky place” or “ledge” – an important designation if you were planning to cross to the islands in a canoe.

People visit Woods Hole from all over the world, and most make the journey to the lighthouse. It’s no wonder either – the brick tower is a jaw-dropping sight as it stands forty-two feet high with a signal that can be seen from seventeen miles away.

Standing on the hill of the lighthouse, Martha’s Vineyard is in perfect sight three miles across the Sound, and the Elizabeth Islands stretch out before you like jewels. Down on the sandy beach, you watch ferries and boats travel to and from the Vineyard as you lounge in the southwesterly breeze.

For me, Nobska is one of the best beaches in Falmouth because of the spectacular view of the Vineyard. Add that salty breeze off the water and I am in heaven on one of those hot Cape Cod summer days.

Searching for a taste of history, a breathtaking view, or just a sun-filled day at the beach – follow the locals and head up to Nobska Beach. You’ll find me there, soaking up the sun and enjoying the view.