The Knob — A Perfect Excursion on a Summer Day

With a panoramic view of Quissett Harbor and Racing Beach, the small park known locally as the Knob is definitely worth the journey. The Knob is truly unlike most places in Woods Hole – long wooded paths circle throughout twelve acres that eventually lead to this narrow peninsula where you find yourself surrounded by water and horizon.

Aspiring to preserve and let the public utilize the land, Cornelia Carey left the Knob to Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries in the early 1970s. Ever since, the Knob has been a treasured piece of Woods Hole that everyone can enjoy.

A perfect place for a picnic, swim, or day-dream, visitors hike up to the Knob for the calming walk and the amazing views. Don’t miss the small beach here, too — definitely not your typical Cape Cod beach, tucked away, serene, and rarely crowded.

If you’re looking for a little more adventure, walk onto the beach and climb the rocks that cover the sides of the Knob. This definitely takes a bit longer, but the experience close to the waterline is completely unique.

Nothing beats sitting on a rock on the tip of a spit of land looking out into the ocean – for me, the feeling of seclusion is unmatched.

Take Quissett Harbor Road to park at the head of Quisett Harbor and near the Quissett Yacht Club. There are about twenty public parking spaces here and signs pointing to the start of the path. There are two ways out (either one will get you to the Knob eventually) but the path to the left offers peek-a-boo views of Quissett Harbor as you hike out. The Knob closes at sunset.