Welcome Back to August’s Marginal Striper Fishing

I got out last night fishing for stripers along the deeper and cooler waters of Jamestown. I fished with a friend of mine for two hours after dark and came away with one schoolie that measured about 23 inches (see photo). The fish hit a black, skinny Hogy. That was the only hit either one of us had.

Welcome back to marginal August fishing. I didn’t fish the south shore because my brother is there on vacation and reports poor fishing. This past Saturday a front came through with thunderstorms, wind, and rough water and since then the fishing has gone downhill. The bait schools seem to have dissipated and the big numbers of small bluefish are gone. My brother got out in his boat on two days and came away with a couple of black sea bass and a couple of small fluke. So, it looks like it’s back to marginal fishing that is so typical in August.