A Perfect Sunset Unfolds on the Maine Coast

Every now and then, the stars align and a perfect sunset unfolds. This one, just off the headquarters of WoodenBoat near Center Harbor was so vast, we thought we could row inside it. Then it seemed to bleed into the water around us and with one last stir of an oar, it disappeared.

That’s the way it was on the Eggemoggin Reach the other night. A vast wilderness of inland sea and deep north woods lake. Without the white noise of engines on the water or shore, the natural sounds that remained were nearly deafening. Later, below in the snug cabin, we listened to the chorus of a pack of coyotes that sounded so close by. Each individual’s voice was clear.

After things went quiet, another pack from somewhere farther away replied. So it was on the Eggemoggin Reach at night in September 2012.