Exploring the Maine Coast on a 29-Foot Classic

We love getting emails from new owners of Hunt Yachts. Here’s one from a new Harrier 29 owner homeported on Mount Desert Island on the Maine coast:

“This past June, after the Hunt team hosted a warm christening ceremony for our new 29-foot Harrier Paramita, I pointed her bow Downeast and we cruised to our home port, Northeast Harbor.

“Every aspect of our first season with the Harrier 29 has exceeded expectations. Paramita performed flawlessly both in tight docking conditions and in open seas. Her break-in period included 37-knot flank speed exercises as well as overnights on anchor. The Hunt team stayed in close contact throughout the summer season to ensure we were comfortable with the boat and to quickly address the very few adjustments necessary.

“My wife, Deedie, was quick to master the Harrier 29 controls; soon, as captain, she hosted friends on island picnics in Blue Hill Bay. Our Hunt 29 Harrier has become a family magnet as well, and it’s fair to say our immediate and extended family and friends have bonded more meaningfully as a result of times shared aboard Paramita.

“Twice Paramita took us farther Downeast to Roque Island for blissful overnights on anchor. She has opened up new worlds for us to explore and we always feel safe and secure, even in choppy seas, rain, or fog. When I took her back to the Hunt facility after three short months, she showed 144 hours of engine time. But we will enjoy countless many more hours over the cold season remembering the good times aboard Paramita this past summer as well as making plans for new adventures in years ahead.”

Mike Bouscaren