My Dear Summer in Maine, I Bid Thee Farewell

It is always bittersweet when the summer season passes on the coast of Maine. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, and the surrounding hush that accompanies it is more than welcome, yet I always seem to bemoan the loss of balmy breezes and long days of light.

The sailboats will soon sail away or be pulled out for winter storage. The cool winds of autumn will sweep across the water, forcing us coastal residents to close the same bedroom windows that stayed open on all those lovely summer nights. The wood stoves of town will crank back up again, and the oil trucks will return in force.

The winter will come and summer will once again feel like a long, long dream away. On the last night of summer, I wandered the docks of Camden Harbor, my faithful Nikon at the ready.

The sky was clear, and the air was chilly. The sun began to set around 6 p.m., a far cry from those glorious days in late June when the dark of night refuses to appear until the light of day has given the earth everything it has to give.

Life goes on, as does the natural progression of the seasons. Summer will come again at some point, and the balmy breezes of July will blow once more, but for now, us hardy residents of the Penobscot Bay will hunker down and prepare for the upcoming winter, whatever it has in store!