Giant America’s Cup Yacht Capsizes in San Francisco

While most of America was watching the presidential debates, sailing junkies were glued to their computers watching the replay of the capsize and recovery (sort of) of Oracle’s 72-foot America’s Cup catamaran. The giant yacht, which is the version that will be used in Oracle’s defense of the America’s Cup in September 2013, was out training in 20-plus-knot winds when skipper Jimmy Spithill stuffed the bows into a wave and pitchpoled. Amazingly, no one was injured in the crash, which saw the huge wing sail come apart in pieces.

During the recovery by Oracle’s team of RIBs, the catamaran was turtled, further damaging the wingsail. Eventually, the yacht was righted and towed back to shore, where the rebuilding process now begins. (Oracle has another AC72 under construction, but that yacht will not be completed until early next year.)

For a video of the crash, click here.