A Life Afloat: Building Great Yachts

One never knows where life is going to lead you. Just ask Mike Inman, supervisor of the Lamination Department for Sabre Yachts.

Six years ago, Mike Inman was working for Spurwink Services in a home for adults with Autism and severe mental disabilities. Mike and his wife, Leanne, found great reward working with this group of people and helping these adults lead positive and productive lives.

In 2006, Mike and Leanne decided to build a home in Raymond. Mike, an extremely skilled craftsman, acted as his own general contractor and worked on the house every minute he could spare. He completed all the fit and finish on the house as well as all the electrical work, tiling, and floor projects. As the house project was wrapping up, he started looking for jobs closer to Raymond and to the couple’s future home. Luckily for Sabre, Mike stopped in at the front office and was soon Sabre Yachts‘ newest mechanic. Working for a boatbuilding company made sense for Mike, who was a Merchant Marine sailor for five years before he met his wife, spending months at sea working in the bulk shipping industry.

Mike enjoyed work as a mechanic but Sabre saw more in this skilled craftsman. In 2010, Production Manager Don Wentworth appointed him supervisor of Deck Assembly. A few months later he became supervisor of Fiberglass Lamination.

Mike clearly has an eye for details. He enjoys lamination because “it’s the foundation — where everything begins.” He takes pride in his job and he is constantly learning. “I’m proud of the direction that Sabre is taking me. There are always new things being introduced.” He notes how the infusion process has improved. “We, the team, look at each hull and discuss what we can do differently next time,” Mike says. “We really try to make each hull as close to perfect as we possibly can.”

Outside Sabre, Mike keeps himself busy as an auto customization and restoration enthusiast. He and his father, Michael Sr., are restoring a 1940 Packard Coupe. He and Leanne also have two children — Logan, age six, and daughter Lauren who is fifteen months old. Mike enjoys his work at Sabre Yachts. “I work with a great bunch of individuals who truly care about their work.” We know that the other Sabre associates feel the same way.