3D Renderings Bring a Boat to Life

While the prototype of our new daysailer design takes shape on the West Coast, we want to share these images of what she will look like in the flesh. As we do with all our designs, we have brought the Signature 24 to life with the magic of 3D computer rendering.

It’s a treat to be able to “preview” the boat while we’re waiting for launch date, or even before the build begins, to explore preliminary concepts; it’s a powerful design tool—and a whole lot of fun.

During the design process at Stephens Waring Yacht Design in Belfast, we create 3D digital models of all the surfaces and components of the boat; this allows us to predict the performance and functionality of all aspects of the design and also to understand the structure and layout of the boat in ways that flat drawings don’t permit. By adding detail and shading in a rendering program, we also are able to create photorealistic images, which are instrumental in helping clients envision themselves in the boat.

These 3D images show that our Signature 24 will be a wonderful daysailer, with her deep, roomy cockpit, shapely coaming, and sophisticated, simple deck gear. Please give us a shout to learn more about her. The prototype will be gracing the waters of Puget Sound this summer. One would look pretty nice in your harbor…