At Back Cove Yachts, Every Pound Counts

Every pound counts, so we count every pound! It’s true. At Back Cove Yachts in Rockland we weigh all of the parts that go into our boats — especially the hull. The weight is important in determining the performance of each model.

Product Engineer Glenn Campbell had fun last week weighing the new Back Cove Downeast 37 to verify our predicted weights and center of effort. He was especially excited to use our new digital load cells which provide very accurate results.

These photos depict our two-point pick of a Back Cove 37’ Downeast hull. The tensile load cells shown between each chain hoist and lifting bracket are both capable of 10,000 pounds at 5-pound increments.

The weight study consists of tabulating the weights and centers of all the components that make up and load our vessels. This study will determine the design’s float characteristics and confirm that the ‘float line’ corresponds appropriately with its designed water line (DWL). The floatation line is more frequently referred to as the “boot stripe”. We then apply the boot stripe on the hull based on the data our engineers have gathered.

As important, if not more so, is that these studies give us accurate displacement weights. That, in turn, will provide more accurate estimates of performance and fuel consumption.

With two or more scaled lifting points at known distances from a datum reference point, we’re able to calculate not only the total weight of our part, but also its center of gravity (CG).

It’s amazing how many associates are involved in the success of these boats! It takes many qualified hands to ensure that a high-quality yacht is a success. The will be available in July 2013.

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