Green, Luxurious & Fun: Meet a New Hybrid Poweryacht

One of the boats we’re really excited to see make its New England debut at the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show in Rockland this summer is the Greenline Hybrid, being exhibited by Russo Marine of Medford, Massachusetts. This trim 33-foot power cruiser is bristling with innovation — think of it as a sort of seagoing Prius.

The Greenline 33‘s sleek, easily driven hull derives from sailboat design, with skeg-protected running gear beneath. The cabin layout sleeps two plus a couple of friends. There’s seating in the main salon to entertain eight or more. You’ll find features and amenities worthy of much larger yachts, efficiently packaged into a mid-size boat.

The Greenline is really all about technology. The solar-diesel-electric drivetrain combines a solar array on the cabin top, a diesel powerplant, an inline generator/electric power unit, and a lithium-ion battery pack. You can choose silent running; the Greenline can range up to 20 nautical miles on battery pack alone. The diesel powers the boat up to 20-some knots, or charges the onboard battery pack, or does both at once. The solar array recharges the battery pack at anchor, or allows limited low-speed “solar sailing” by driving the electric motors.

Here’s an example of how Greenline has integrated leading-edge marine hybrid technology but made it easier to understand and control. All onboard systems can be accessed by the boat’s main iPad. System components are identified by QR code markers; photograph the QR patch with the iPad to learn what the pictured component is, what it does, how it works, how to control it, even when it’s due for maintenance!

We literally can’t wait to see the Greenline in person and see how it works. Keep an eye out for updates; we hope to get an opportunity to sea-trial the Greenline before show time.