Penobscot Bay: Does Sailing Get Any Finer?

I was fortunate enough to spend Father’s Day out on West Penobscot Bay, and yet again I was blown away by how much this relatively tiny stretch of water offers sailors. Plenty of breeze to keep my vintage Pearson moving and her crew on their toes and, as always, scenery that left me speechless. And to top it all off, we were practically alone! Barely a handful of other boats ventured from their moorings in Camden,Rockport, and Rockland — I can only hope that the dads were enjoying their day in some other special way.

Every piece of the coast offers its own special flavor to local and visiting boaters, but for me, Penobscot Bay tastes just right. Hopefully this short video captures some of what makes my home waters so wonderful. How about sharing some scenes from your favorite stretch of the coast?