A Rendezvous to Remember on Penobscot Bay

As my good friend Mark Abb and I set off from Rockport Harbor during the afternoon of August 17, we soon realized that we would be running right through the middle of the Penobscot Bay Rendezvous, an annual regatta that features an incredible collection of sailboats, all dancing around gracefully in the afternoon wind.

We threaded the proverbial needle on our way over to North Haven, as boat after boat passed on our left and right, all of different shapes and sizes. As the boats all swooped by, they seemed to fall into the most perfect line of billowing sails, which painted an amazing picture against the backdrop of the Camden Hills. What a sight to see!

As the fleet slowly faded into view, we ran across to Pulpit Harbor, where a great afternoon of swimming and snacking commenced. On our way out of Pulpit, we ran into a former neighbor who had just spent the afternoon on Butter Island with her two boys. We chatted for a few minutes and exchanged news of the day.

One of the great parts of living in Maine is the close-knit community that exists on such a grand scale. You never know who you will run into out here on Penobscot Bay, where boaters of all ages never get tired of playing in the most beautiful of saltwater stretches. As we cruised back toward Rockport, the afternoon sun started to play hide and seek with the clouds, and the long shadows of summer moved across the Camden Hills. What a gorgeous day to be alive!