Game On! Maine-Built Ocean Racing Yacht Begins Quest

We’ve been following physical therapist/adventurer Stanley Paris for more than three years, ever since he approached Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Co. with his bold plan to sail solo, unassisted, around the globe — and to do it in record time. On Dec. 8 this 76-year-old sailor officially began his quest to beat Dodge Morgan’s record for a circumnavigation, passing just outside St. David’s Lighthouse on Bermuda. Luckily for all of us, the crew on Bermuda had a video camera at the ready and recorded Paris’ tacking drill as he approached the start line. Just a couple of minutes of footage shows how powerful Kiwi Spirit is and why singlehandling such a formidable yacht is a bold endeavor, regardless of her skipper’s age.

Paris’ is using all the social and digital tools available to keep the world up to date on his progress; here are links to his updates:

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