Paine ’14, Now Built By French & Webb: Superb

French & Webb is pleased to announce that we will be building all custom orders for the new Chuck Paine-designed ’14 daysailer. The Paine ’14 is a scaled-down adaptation of the venerable and much-loved Herreshoff 12 ½ with a fin keel and separate rudder for more lively performance.
 She is available in beautifully detailed fiberglass with exquisite varnished mahogany trim, or equally beautifully detailed hand-built WEST epoxy cold-molded wood.

At approximately half the weight of the original 12 ½ and about 10 percent smaller in length, breadth, and depth, she preserves some of the “big boat” feel of her predecessor 
thanks to a lead ballast keel that accounts for nearly half her entire weight, but is optimized for easy trailering, maintenance, launch, and retrieval.